Making a Difference

Think back . . .

Who has God used to change your life?

This Easter, we thank and honor those who have supported us, loved us, and changed our lives!

Click Here to join us as we share our special prayers for those who have impacted us through our lives.

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Medical Missions

Medical Mission to Mex-Jul 2014

Currently Recruiting for Vision Care Participants Overview The MMI team will serve in Mérida and its nearby communities. The goal is to provide around 200 eye surgeries, dispense glasses, and offer consultation services. Nutrition classes will … [Read More...]

More Projects to View

Medical Mission Trips to Machareti

Medical Mission to Bolivia-Aug 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary, Preventative, Surgical and Dental Care Participants Overview On this project we’ll be able to meet primary, dental, and surgical care needs for those in communities outside of Machareti. Local physicians are … [Read More...]

Medical Mission Trip to Sangolqui-Pintag

Medical Mission to Ecuador-Sep 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary, Preventative, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy and Dental Care Participants Overview The team will travel to different villages every day by bus and set up a clinic with a triage area, consultation rooms, fluoride … [Read More...]