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Medical Ministry International

Summer Plans? change lives. Here are just a few medical missions this summer where we could use your skills the most! Click on the images for more project details.                       Click here to see a complete list of summer projects. … [Read More...]

medical mission; medical ministry international; dominican republic

Medical Mission to Dominican-Feb 2015

Currently Recruiting for Dental, Primary & Preventive, and Surgical Care Participants Overview At the clinic site the project team will provide medical consultations, dentistry, IHE and optometry. At the local hospital the project team will … [Read More...]

More Projects to View

medical mission; medical ministry international; Cambodia

Medical Mission to Cambodia-Nov 2014

Currently Recruiting for Surgical Care Participants Overview The project team will perform various general an gynecological surgeries in the poor community of Baray. The team will also educate local partners in the basic knowledge of preop, … [Read More...]

medical mssion; medical ministry international; Ghana

Medical Mission to Ghana-Mar 2015

Currently Recruiting for Surgical  Care Participants Overview The purpose of this project is to break the myth that fibroids are as a result of a curse, and also provide quality surgical needs for some of the   women who play very important roles … [Read More...]