Making a Difference

Think back . . .

Who has God used to change your life?

This Easter, we thank and honor those who have supported us, loved us, and changed our lives!

Click Here to join us as we share our special prayers for those who have impacted us through our lives.

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Medical Missions

Medical Mission to Peru-Aug 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary, Preventative, Orthopedic/Physical Therapy, and Dental Care Participants Overview MMI will serve in four different districts of the city of Ayacucho providing health care to those who have little to no access. The … [Read More...]

More Projects to View

medical missions

Medical Mission to Honduras-Jul 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary, Preventative, Orthopedics/Physical Therapy, and Dental Care Participants - Full for general helpers! Overview On this project the team will be providing medical and dental service to the community during an 11 day … [Read More...]

Medical Missions

Medical Mission to Mexico-Nov 2014

Currently Recruiting for Vision Care Participants Overview The team will work in the MMI permanent center, from Instituto de la Visión. The goal is to perform about 250 surgeries in a week. Many of the patients seen will be from other states and … [Read More...]