Making a Difference

Think back . . .

Who has God used to change your life?

This Easter, we thank and honor those who have supported us, loved us, and changed our lives!

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Medical Mission to Peru-Aug 2014

Currently Recruiting for Physical Therapy Participants Overview MMI’s work began in Peru in 1999 when Director of Field Operations Brian Piecuch moved to Arequipa in the south of the country with his family. The first project was held the next … [Read More...]

More Projects to View

Medical Missions

Medical Mission to Peru-May 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary, Preventative and Dental Care Participants Overview We will work in small towns around Iñapari and Puerto Maldonado. The team will work in partnership with local churches providing health care to those who have … [Read More...]

Medical Mission

Medical Mission to Peru-Oct 2014

Currently Recruiting for Primary/Preventative and Dental Care Participants Overview This MMI Peru project will serve the poor areas of Puno city and 3 rural communities outside of Puno. The services, medical, dental, and optometry, will be provided … [Read More...]