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Medical Ministry International provides compassion and health care
in a world of need using Jesus as our guide.
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"Serving is a gift that is enjoyed twice – once by the person who received the gift of the service, and once by the one serving. "

- Kimberly Rodriguez

"MMI is my way of travel. I get the privilege of touching people's hearts, but they touch mine even more. I have had so many wonderful experiences with MMI, witnessed miracles, laughed and cried with patients, and even visited some of their homes and shared the occasional meal with them.  Tours and resorts do not give you this kind of privilege."

- Barbara Boles-Davis

"Serving with MMI is the highlight of my year. I feel so blessed to be able to provide much needed medicine and medical care to these people. They are so appreciative and giving with their hugs and smiles. It is a life changing experience!"

- Sharon Lehman, Volunteer

"On one of my trips a plastic surgeon repaired a cleft lip on a little baby, and when the mother saw him in the recovery room she started crying. She said they were tears of joy, because now her baby boy would grow up looking like the other children. Stories like this really make my heart smile and I thank God that I have the opportunity to go on mission trips to help those in need."

- Doris Johnson, Volunteer

"Practicing nursing in other countries has not only provided me with the necessary skills to be a great nurse but has made me a culturally competent professional. The people I have served in both Ecuador and Africa have taught me the ultimate importance of community, family and love. My experiences in these countries have solidified my decision to devote my life to serving others. "

- Kalli Ridley, Volunteer

"I think what has been most meaningful to me, was being able to bring Pap smears to the rural underserved, get the results, and be able to provide treatment for them. This doesn't just potentially save a woman's life, but saves a family. Husbands aren't widowed and children aren't left motherless. Seems like a small effort, but can have quite a ripple effect."

- Raye Minardi, Volunteer

"I have been very thankful to have been a part of MMI giving “eye care” to people in Colombia. What stands out to me is how grateful the people are for the care provided them. One older lady I recall had cataract surgery. After she got off the table she went around to every one of us workers and gave each a big hug and kept repeating her “thank you” over and over."

- Leroy Cross, Volunteer

"When I went my first year I was prepared to give my service to the people, however instead I received service from the people of this country. The MMI staff went out of their way to make me feel welcome, safe and well fed. I was so awed by their service and kindness I was eager to go on another Mission trip. I will continue to come to the Dominica Republic as often as I am able. Thank you for this opportunity to share these thoughts."

- Martha Line, Volunteer

"Someone asked me to think about volunteering and God shoved me forward. 'We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.'"

- Carla Howard, Volunteer

"During and after an adventure with MMI I am abundantly BLESSED! It's an honor to be an instrument of healing! In addition to the medical side I am thankful that I can help patients give their burdens over to God in a brief prayer time with them, in triage. In His Service. "

- Lisa Britt, Volunteer

"Some of the best time spent was starting off towards the hospital with a small group of new friends. As we walked, we were able to experience the lives and culture of the Dominicans who lived along the road. SO many waved back and smiled at us and kids ran up to have their picture taken or just to say OLA! Despite the language limitations, there was a mutual respect and an awareness that God was shining down on the situation that each of us lived in. "

- Louise Hush , Volunteer

"When meeting this little 4 year old for her inguinal hernia surgery, I noticed that she had a familiar scar on the opposite side. When asked, her mom said that she had the other side had been fixed at the same project 2 years earlier. I happened to have been the surgeon! What a blessing and privilege for God to allow me to care for her again."

- Marc Boustany, Volunteer

"This was my first mission trip and it couldn't have been better! There were a few bumps in the road but God looked after me, and the surgical team! It is great that MMI puts so much work and effort into international trips. It is great to help Gods people. Thank you MMI!"

- Julie Somerfeldt

"I had a wonderful time at San Cristobal. I was so sad to leave. The staff at the station are some of the most helpful and friendly people I've ever met, and I was sad to have to say bye to them. Thank you for providing such opportunities that make the world a smaller place!"

- Pooja Sawrikar, Volunteer

" The patients and their families are so gracious and receive us as their family. Hugs and kisses on the cheek are so abundant that you feel as though you belong there. The atmosphere and fellow volunteers that I have met and worked with are your second family, and sometimes it is hard to part at the end of the mission trip. "

- Ellen Schraeder, Volunteer

Where we work

MMI is focused on building capacity with our programs. We have staff on the ground in every country. We serve to ensure that proper assessment, execution, and follow-up care is provided.